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About Marlene Dunphy

Marlene was a scholar of Dr. Eileen Connolly, author of 10 books, a world-renowned teacher of Esoteric Studies, for over thirty years. Upon graduation from the Connolly University in 1988. Marlene began her career in Esoteric Studies, alongside Dr. Connolly until she passed in 2015. Marlene is continuing the Connolly Legacy. 

Dr. Eileen Connolly founded the method of Mincryology ( Study of Minerals and Crystals Healing). Marlene was certified as a  Master Mincryologist in 1994.

Marlene Dunphy is a teacher and speaker of Esoteric Sciences; including Tarot, Numbers, Meditatation, Chakra Mincryology. 

She is the creator of the New Divination Tool .

 Dunphy Naturals Celtic Oracle.

In 2015, she created Dunphy Naturals -  It is Marlene’s goal to create products that encompass all the variables of “the energy of healing.”


Colorful Crystal

Celtic Oracle, Tarot, Meditation Class or Consultation.
Zoom and in person.

$80.00 60 Minutes
$45.00 30 Minutes

Personal Numbers Chart 
(ft 25 Aspects) plus 2 Hour Consultation


Mincryology Auric Healing
$75.00  (90 Minutes)
Stress Relief using Minerals and Crystals.


Dunphy Natuals Products

A really fun time, and I learned so much!


am a new customer and a very happy one ! The Love Potion # 999 roll on is also perfect ! It has a lovely rose fragrance along with other wonderful herbal scents.

It also arrived on time and it was packed very well!

Thank You and you also stay safe,


Love, love, love this deck❣❣❣ It was packed super well and came with a lovely pouch set that makes them even better to carry around. The accompanying book is very informative, same as the smaller deck, but I rather have each deck with its own book.


Excellent class and charismatic, knowledgeable and fun teacher..


Feb 24, 2022

5 out of 5 stars    

Wonderful product smells good and not over the top.


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