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My Background

Marlene Dunphy - Dunphy Natuals

Marlene was a scholar of Dr. Eileen Connolly, author of 10 books, a world-renowned teacher

of Esoteric Studies, for over thirty five years. Upon graduation from the Connolly University in 1988,

Marlene began working alongside Dr. Connolly, over twenty-five years.

Teaching is her passion! 

Marlene Dunphy is a teacher and speaker of Esoteric Sciences - including Tarot, Numbers,

Mincryology, Aura Structure Healing, Paranormal Investigator.

What is Marlene doing Now!

Marlene Dunphy is writing 4 books, Basics of Tarot, Colors of Love, Children’s Numbers Book, Meditation.

Classes are - How to read Tarot, Numbers, Basics of Meditation, Private Retreats, Mincryology Chakra Healing, and Celtic Oracle. She is the creator a New Divination Tool - Dunphy Naturals Celtic Oracle.

In 2015, she created Dunphy Naturals -  This unique business was created on the foundation of Mincryology (The study of Minerals and Crystals.)  It is Marlene’s goal to create products that encompass all the variables of “the energy of healing.”


2024 Festival of Life is coming back!

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