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Celtic Oracle


Dunphy Natuals Celtic Oracle

A New Divination Game Created by Marlene Dunphy

The Celtic Oracle was designed so the reader can predict their need, action, and intent. The reader can plunge thru and plan on their karmic destiny.  This is called Master Planning, and with adjusting and planning the reader will get positive results.

The reader will feel their way thru to see which symbol radiates to them and gives them guidance.  This is a melding of the symbol and the higher-self, (triadic alignment).  

 I love to forecast 6 months ahead, with the Dunphy Naturals Celtic Oracle, and once understanding what adjustments must made on the path, you are then able to meditate and correct old karmic patterns. 

Contains: 4 Major Tiles, 18 Minor Tiles, Mat, Booklet

$85.00 including shipping in the USA

Made in USA, Small Business Owner

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