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September is indeed mystical!!

Buddha: If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.

This is a special time of Year!! I get a lot of students asking me about this month. Most people just see this month as Christmas is on its way.

But, September is indeed mystical!! This month has many doors of planning for the future. Using it correctly we can get rid of frustration and aggravation. By closing the door on things that didn't go well or opening the door to new possibilities, that's what the Reflection Month is all about.

September... getting ready to look at all we achieved thru the year.

Time to analyze our goals and dreams.

Plant those new beginnings for next year.

Look deeply how you have affected others, was it fair?

Do you feel you achieved anything on your path this year?

Is there still stuff to do?

Plan for the next year you have time to make your dream become alive. Please don't stay to long in the reflection pool. If you allow yourself to stay to long you will open up to old depression. Just dry yourself off and just deal with the true reality, not your emotional pain. Put your new clothes on, be open to the new energy that is ready to come in starting Oct 1, 2021. We have so much to be Thankful for. Live Life take a breath and just be: True to Self and Be Yourself. Bless all those souls in need. Live simple and uncomplicated. Just Be!!!! Love this world it really needs it... Walk with God's love and light....

Marlene Dunphy

Peter Paul Connolly Artwork.

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