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Merry Christmas to you all!

What a year this has been for my family and friends. It is really good we are all together to celebrate the Miracle of Christmas. I have been spending time with my grandson talking about Christmas, going over the miracles of Christmas.

Finally received his covid vaccine, and that is a blessing. Last Christmas was very bleak we didn't see each other very often. But this year we will be celebrating the new beginnings of Christmas (Christ the Child's birth).

Christmas isn't about presents and food, even though that is the good part. It's about Love and Kindness. We have suffered so much the past couple of years. Love each other!!

Some have had it worse than others, show compassion and caring to your friends and loved ones. I believe we can start again... that's what this Miracle Day is all about.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours..... God Bless... Dunphy Family.

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