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The Year of the New Beginnings 2022. Join Celtic Oracle on Clubhouse as we heal this World.

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to be in this Month of February (2) The number two will be a major number this year. So, what does that mean for us and mind kind?

  1. We have the opportunities to mend past relationships, loves, or personal love.

2. Love is so important this year - love for mankind, love for self and spiritual growth.

3. The Color for this year is brilliant Orange, Coral, Indigo and Forest Green according to Gnothology.

4. This is a year of hard work which as it takes you on your direction of future possibility.

5. All things are possible thru your higher self. This is a wonderful year to develop the best part of you. Meditation, Prayer and personal manifesting is for you and all of us to grow and climb our ladder of sucess.

6. Our world is in distress; this distress creates a layer of energy upon us. Thru meditation we can rise up and heal ourselves and this world. So, let's do this together. We need to love each other and rise up this universal energy to heal this earth. Use this special time and heal this earth. The universal love has power!

Join the Celtic Oracle and follow me on Clubhouse, we can heal our wounds, our hearts, our soul. Together we can move mountains and heal!

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