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Tarot Card for the Month of August

The 7 of Cups

Artist Peter Paul Connolly

This Tarot Card we all feel in the month of August. Cycles are changing and we have many decisions to make... Presures are mounting.

As we look at each emotional decision, we focus on eliminating unwanted situations. Emotions are running high and also disappointment. This is a normal feeling in the month of August.

The key here is look at everything realistic to your true needs. By being real with your World, it will give you the focus to plan accordingly. Take one Cup at a time, Contemplate, Complete, or Delete and go on to the next Cup. You will get thru all those 7 Cups in August. Aligning you to your new Present Life Cycle that is coming in January. So, Enjoy the Holidays, Rest and Plan your glorious Year 2022!

You can achieve the many choices on your tree. Just organize and analyze. Leave the emotions behind you, and just do it! Enjoy! God Bless Marlene Dunphy

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